Special Moments


I wanted to share, to record, some special moments. Things that happened while you were still growing inside me, so that I will remember them later on, perhaps when things get difficult, or other days, when I just need a reminder of all the reasons I have to smile.

Your Daddy is a very special man. I think we are lucky to have found each other.  The other day he came home from work and I was in the kitchen. He came in and gave me a kiss, which is usual, but then he bent down, lifted my shirt a little and said “Hello Baby” and gave my tummy a kiss. Then he said “Daddy loves you so much!” and I was so overwhelmed with how sweet he is that I just gave him a huge hug and kiss. It might sound silly to you, but to me it’s so amazing to know how happy he is to be a dad.  There are a lot of problems we have to face, like unpaid maternity leave, preparing your room for when you get here and stuff like that, but knowing that we’re both so happy about it makes all the worries in my heart seem a little less important.  I love him so much for setting my heart at ease, without even having to try.

There was one day this week where we both had a really bad day at work.  When I got home I saw an email from my friend Andrea who lives in Canada now.  She gave me this video to watch and it was so beautiful, I just wanted Daddy to watch it too. But then I thought, being a man he’d probably not find it as wonderful as I did. Well, Button, I was wrong.  Daddy came in to the lounge and sat with his hand on my tummy as we watched this beautiful little video and afterwards we were both just quiet and awed at the beautiful thing that your development is.

Yesterday Daddy was saying how there are many uncertainties,  but one thing you’ll have no shortage of is love.

He was right my baby.


Week 19 – Growing Growing Growing (and a heartbeat!)

My precious Button

Well, you had your first camping experience this weekend. I do hope it hasn’t put you off for life! It was so cold, I wasn’t sure if we were going to make it through the second night! I felt a little like Racheltjie de Beer who hid her brother in a dug out anthill so as to save him from exposure while she herself died of the cold.
It was only when Daddy had wrapped himself around us like a human blanket that my teeth stopped chattering and I was able to get to sleep.  The next morning he commented that he could feel how much you (and therefor, I ) have grown when he had his arm around my middle.   When we got home yesterday I gave him a very big hug and kiss and he laughed and said he could feel my stomach pressing in to his!  Under different circumstances that would have got him in to serious trouble, but since I’ve been worried about you not growing, I was very happy indeed.

This morning I was dressing for work and tried to put on the same pants (trousers) that I had worn on Thursday, to find that they were actually too tight! Finally – signs of a pregnancy! I also had a midwife appointment this afternoon and I got to hear your heartbeat! I know I say everytime that I see or hear  you that it is simply amazing, that YOU are simply amazing, but I have to say it this time again. Just hearing your little heartbeat race so fast brings to me a standstill. Daddy couldn’t make the appointment, so I recorded the sound for him.  I know Daddy and all the other people who can’t wait to meet you will be so happy to hear it!

Love you my baby.

Can’t wait to see you again in my next scan.


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