Monthly Archives: April 2010

Taming the Tigress – the Protective Parent

There are so many emotions and feelings involved in parenting. Most of them are beautiful, wonderful emotions and feelings, but there are a few that are technnically quite negative.

I'm a Gaga Mama

I was accused recently in an article I wont give credence by linking to, of being ‘gag worthy’ for a post I wrote when my daughter was four weeks old, in which I took a humorous look at the things that have changed in my life since becoming a mother.

This person went further and said that I ‘perpetuated the myth’ of all the tough times being worth it, and that I was toeing the party line.

Letter to a Six Month Old

Dear Ameli

I can’t believe you’re six months old today.

You’re asleep here next to me, and I look down over your long little body and my breath quickens as I try to take it all in. I can still see you, a tiny little curled up figure, barely bigger than my two hands lying in the same position this moment six months ago.

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