Cry It Out and Sleep Training

I am a member of the ‘cry-it-out’ generation. When my daughter, Ameli, was just a few days old, my mother suggested we leave her to cry for twenty minutes and she would sleep better. If she was still crying after twenty minutes, we could go in comfort her, and then start again. I sat in the next room crying as I heard my newborn crying. We did it twice, and I vowed never again.

Guidelines for Safe Formula Feeding

I am unapologetically pro-breastfeeding: I think it is absolutely normal and everything else is sub-standard. But I am also passionately pro babies being safe, and when a mother cannot or chooses not to breastfeed her child, or for whatever reason makes the decision to formula feed, I think it is essential that she is equipped to do so safely.

If Pretending Made It So: We Need Education Not Denial

Information. It is so vital to our survival. Misinformation, on the other hand is a killer. Can you imagine if you were told that a red traffic light meant ‘go’? What chaos would reign in your life, if you lived very long at all?

I have been sorely disturbed in recent months by the information and lack thereof surrounding the sleeping, feeding and care of our babies if it doesn’t fall strictly in line with the latest guidelines, based on the latest research.

What message does this send our children?

Author: Martin

To me, there are few places on this earth that so blatantly represent the very worst of naked consumerism than the modern toy store. Now I’m not talking about the family-run shop selling wooden toys and play things – those few that still survive,  anyway. I’m talking about the gleaming multi-coloured superstores with huge in-store displays whose sole intention is to drive kids into such a state of excitement that parents are only too happy to part with large wads of cash if only for the sake of their sanity.

Whose Baby Is It Anyway?

New parents are bombarded with information from their first visit to a medical professional, throughout their pregnancy and the early days of their babies’ lives. My daughter is only ten months old, and as far as I can tell, this doesn’t stop for some time.

The problem with this is that so much of your pregnancy, birthing experience and early motherhood is influenced and affected by the opinions of the person you’re listening to. And I do specifically use the word opinion, because being a doctor, paediatrician or midwife does not, in fact, make you an authority on any of these.


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