Why Breastfeeding Should Make Sense

Before I was pregnant I knew nothing about babies or breastfeeding. Honestly, it was Greek to me. Well, no, because I understand some Greek. But it was a whole other world.

Since having my little girl 11 months ago, however, everything has changed. So for just a few minutes here, I want to ignore what I’ve since learned about the health benefits of breastfeeding and ignore the nutritional value of formula versus breast milk and focus on the practicalities of breastfeeding in a slightly tongue-in-cheek way.

I know some people medically cannot breastfeed and everyone has a right to make their own decisions on how to feed their children, and I’m fine with that, but it really fascinates me that anyone would choose formula feeding over breastfeeding for two simple reasons: effort and money.

Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones…

…but words will never hurt me? Well that must be the biggest lie I’ve ever heard. Whoever first said that was surely never on the receiving end of painful words, harsh verbal onslaughts or cruel jibes. Whoever said that probably never went through putting on a brave face in public before making a hasty withdrawal and sobbing in private moments later.


I’ve been thinking about memories a lot lately. I guess it makes sense with not only a recent death in the family, but also my baby’s first birthday coming up, and our house move. Understand, I’ve moved 20-something times in my life, so moving is no big deal to me. This move, however, is. Apart from the fact that the two years we have stayed here has been the longest my husband and I have stayed anywhere, this is also where my daughter was born. Right here. In the kitchen. I feel a great sadness leaving this house.

Breastfeeding in Public: Through Daddy’s Eyes

Author: Martin
So, breastfeeding. It occurs to me that a man writing about breastfeeding is probably either very brave or very stupid. Well, I don’t count myself to be unusually brave, so I’m hoping there’s an option C I’ve overlooked.

As a new father I’ve been asked several times – invariably by women – for my opinions on breastfeeding “from a man’s point of view”, and in particular my thoughts on the sometimes delicate (and at all times controversial) subject of breastfeeding in public.

Dear Ameli- Letter to an Eleven Month Old

Hello beautiful girl,

How we have come 11 months in the blink of an eye I just don’t know. Our lives have changed so much in so many ways, and yet in some ways they don’t really feel like they’ve changed at all. It’s so hard to explain, but it is what it is.

This has been an incredible month. I’ve felt motherly pride rise up in my so many times in ways and for things I never thought possible. I know you’re not the first baby to go through these things, but you’re my first baby to go through them and they are your firsts.

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