Baby's First Year

When my daughter was born I went in to the office with her at two days, and went out and about from there on. I went to moms groups and baby groups and everything, and we even went away for the weekend when she was 5 days (with her, obviously!) and again at 11 days for a weekend (also with her!)

People were constantly asking me how I was so relaxed for a first time mother, and with a few pregnant friends now, I’ve been thinking about it a lot. This isn’t advice, or a how to guide – it’s just a very brief summary of what we did and didn’t do, and how it worked for us. I guess you could call it my first year recommendations, from the lofty heights (!!!) of having been at this for fourteen months now!

Dear Ameli- Letter To A 14 Month Old

Dear little girl,

I never knew parenting would be like this. I knew people love their children, but I can’t say I ever really ‘got’ the way it is.

That the little things that most of us take for granted – walking, talking, eating – can be such monumental occasions, and that I can experience them anew and with excitement and learn to appreciate them all over again, because you do, is magical to me.

Christianity And Attachment Parenting: Do The Worlds Collide?

Do Christianity and Attachment Parenting go hand in hand? I’m sure we’ve all heard that Jesus was breastfed, and I’m sure we’ve all heard the Christmas story enough to know that Jesus co-slept, at least until the wise men came. But my question is this: What would Jesus think of Gentle Discipline?

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