Squidgy – Pregnancy Week 14

I’ve decided I’m tired of confusing myself by having two dates to check progress against and that I’m actually at 14 weeks, as per the EDD given by the midwife. That’ll probably change once I have a scan, and I know I won’t fuss about going over until I actually reach 42 weeks, because I don’t know, but for now we’ll go with that little spindle the midwife uses, and assume we’re at 14 weeks.

This week has been a busy one. We’ve travelled a lot, we’ve revisited places Mommy lived when I was growing up, and your sister decided she no longer naps during the day, which has been thoroughly exhausting for me, and I truly hope is just a phase.

I’ve struggled with nausea as bad as ever, and almost threw up in a shop today but fortunately I didn’t. That’s a flood gate I’m terrified of opening. I only have one tablet a day left until we go back to the UK, so I’m just hoping everything goes smoothly and the sickness starts abating. What I do know is with how sick I feel when the meds wear off, I’m so grateful I’m on them. I don’t know if I’d have made it through this time. It feels aggressive, and it’s always knocking on the door like waves relentlessly bashing against rocks, eased only when the tide is out – in other words when I’ve just taken the pill.

Pregnancy Week 11/13

Dear Squidgy

YAY!!! Congratulations little one! We’ve made it through the first trimester! I pray to God that you’re doing well in there, and that my weakness of will with regard to the sickness hasn’t done anything bad to you.  I am so pleased that we’ve made it this far.  (Even though the dates here are erring on the side of caution, I think I’m counting two weeks behind – who knows!)

We’ve been travelling and living without electricity and internet this week, apart from three hours a day when the generator provides both. It’s been so peaceful and calming, and somehow I feel even more  exhausted – but they tell me it’s because I’m relaxing.  I’ve even managed to read three chapters of a real book. That’s impressive stuff, let me tell you.

Pregnancy Week 10

Dear Squidgy

This is a particularly short letter to you this week, both because I don’t have much to report, and because I’m waiting for Oupa and Nana to arrive to pick us up for the next part of our trip.

You’re 10 weeks now, although it’s 12 weeks by the doctors, and they would have scheduled you for your Nuchal Fold scan. That’s the one where they check to see if you have Down’s Syndrome or not.

Pregnancy Week 9

Hey Squidgy,

We’re at week 9 now, but actually week 11, but until I have a scan and can check your size, it’s a bit of a guess both ways, to be honest, so who knows.

We’ve had a much better week, because I’ve taken a tablet every morning, and as a result been able to eat. I feel terrible about taking them, and still feel nauseous most of the day, but at least not sick, and able to be a halfway decent mommy to your sister, and travel companion.

Dear Ameli – Letter To A 22 Month Old

Dear Ameli,


This is just a short letter to you, to celebrate the fact that you turned 22 months old today. It’s short because I am really tired, sitting in front of a roaring log fire, and you are snoring away on the sofa next to me. I want little more than to snuggle in bed with you as soon as possible.


We’re in South Africa again. It happened really fast – I was really very sick and struggling, and you weren’t coping well with being cooped up at home every day. Daddy was trying to work full time, and still look after you and me and it was all getting a bit much for all of us, so Oupa invited you and me to join him and Nana on their farewell road trip before they immigrate to Australia.  I agreed, not because I am really in the mood for travelling, but rather because I really need someone to give you special attention, and run and play with you on a daily basis – something I’m really not strong enough to do at the moment.

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