My Baby's Voice

I’m guest posting over on Zulily UK today.

We all know that babies cry, and that they cry to tell us that they’re sad, hungry, thirsty, tired, overstimulated, cold, hot, and just about everything else. It’s one of the first things you learn as a new mum – distinguishing those cries and knowing which one means what. It’s also one of the first victories of motherhood: hearing a cry, responding to it appropriately and seeing your baby settle, smile or relax. It’s wonderful.

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*For the record, I love Zulily, and I’ve loved every thing we’ve received from Zulily through purchases, credits or for review. Yes, I have a business arrangement with Zulily, but rest assured, I wouldn’t if I didn’t love them! If you join Zulily from my link, I’ll receive £10 if you make your first purchase.

Setting A Personal Agenda For 2012

I rarely make new year’s resolutions. For no real reason, other than that I think the pressure to perform tends to set you up for failure. Or me, anyway. Also, trying to change many things at once normally means I change nothing at all, leaving me feeling like a bit of a failure.

That said, I have decided to take on a few  ‘projects’ for the month of January and one or two for the year too, hoping to capitalise on the nesting hormones that should soon kick in! (more…)

Whose Baby Is It Anyway?

New parents are bombarded with information from their first visit to a medical professional, throughout their pregnancy and the early days of their babies’ lives. My daughter is only ten months old, and as far as I can tell, this doesn’t stop for some time.

The problem with this is that so much of your pregnancy, birthing experience and early motherhood is influenced and affected by the opinions of the person you’re listening to. And I do specifically use the word opinion, because being a doctor, paediatrician or midwife does not, in fact, make you an authority on any of these.


I'm a Gaga Mama

I was accused recently in an article I wont give credence by linking to, of being ‘gag worthy’ for a post I wrote when my daughter was four weeks old, in which I took a humorous look at the things that have changed in my life since becoming a mother.

This person went further and said that I ‘perpetuated the myth’ of all the tough times being worth it, and that I was toeing the party line.


Dear Ameli- Letter to a five month old

Dear Ameli                                                                                                                                 4 March 2010

I can’t believe how quickly this month has flown by, nor can I believe that five months ago this minute, I was opening my eyes from my first decent sleep in days.

You have grown in leaps and bounds this month. You seem in such a hurry. It has been beautiful to observe. It has been magical to be a part of. We are so blessed to have you as our baby.

Packing the Perfect Nappy Bag

Before my daughter was born I was given a great large nappy bags, with pockets and pouches for everything. It really was one of those ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ bags, and I was thrilled. Then she was born, and I steadily began to loathe that bag! I could never find anything, no matter how much I tried to keep the compartments separate, and keep ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’. It was impossible, and it was heavy!

As a baby wearer, I found that the nappy bag was heavier than the baby, and was really weighing me down. Sometimes we’d go out for an hour or two, and I’d lug the bag around with me, and never actually use it! Something had to be done!


Preparing for a natural childbirth

Pregnancy is a time of such huge change. Your emotions change, your body, your home. It all changes. And just as an athlete practices for an event, a dancer for a show, or a politician for a debate, so a woman needs to prepare for becoming a mother. She needs to prepare not only her mind, her heart and her soul, but her body too.


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